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Greentongue Limited Edition Print

Created for the group show Personal Gods, curated by Allen Williams. Thirteen of the 40 prints are hand embellished with gold details.

The original watercolor painting is available through Copro Gallery. Inquiries can be emailed to coprogallery@live.com.

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Greentongue Final 150.JPG

The Blood Moon Tarot

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Over ten years of tarot reading and two years of painting have manifested the Blood Moon Tarot, an artist's unique and personal interpretation of the iconic divination tool. You can now preorder the deck.

Lift the Veil

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Get an exclusive look into my process by joining me on Patreon. My patrons get access to sketches, videos, and articles that no one else sees, as well as access to a community chat.

Amulet Sale

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Iā€™m discontinuing my amulets and moving on to new wearable art adventures. Take a chance to snag one of these lovelies. The first 10 orders of February come with an additional gift for you!


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