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The Blood Moon Tarot

The Blood Moon Tarot is a project being brought to life by over 10 years of experience using the tarot and over 2 years of work on the deck itself. I believe tarot’s marriage of art and symbolism make it a powerful tool for examining ourselves and our circumstances. This deck explores my personal interpretations of the cards in my own visual language, making it quite different from the iconic imagery of the Rider-Waite deck. With this deck I hope to encourage others to sit with their struggles, learn how to navigate the emotional landscapes within themselves, and connect with the mystery of the world around them.

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The Blood Moon Tarot

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Over ten years of tarot reading and two years of painting have manifested the Blood Moon Tarot, an artist's unique and personal interpretation of the iconic divination tool. The full deck will be launching on Kickstarter May 22.

Lift the Veil

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Get an exclusive look into my process by joining me on Patreon. My patrons get access to sketches, videos, and blog posts that no one else sees as well as a first look at new paintings and projects.

Original Painting Sale

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To celebrate the changing of the seasons and a new studio space I'm having a sale on select originals and prints to make space for new work. The shop will be periodically updated with new items.


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