What mediums do you use?

I primarily use watercolor on hot press watercolor paper.

Where do you get your inspiration?

For me, inspiration comes from a lot of places: nature, stories and poetry, music, other art, etc. For the Blood Moon Tarot I’ve been doing a lot of introspection, exploring the themes of each card and how I personally connect to them. The initial inspiration for a single card could come from dozens of places, and the manner in which I connect those ideas results in the final image.

How do you make your prints?

Made in my own studio with care, all of my art prints are gallery-quality with gorgeous color and all the fine detail of the original paintings. Each print is signed and shipped in a protective sleeve.

How do you ship?

I ship all of my prints flat and use as much recyclable and reusable packaging supplies as possible. I ship using USPS, and insure all shipments of original artwork.

Are you available for commissions?

You can always email me at sam @ samguay.com to inquire about whether or not I am open for work.

What are your art usage policies?

For licensing opportunities please contact me at sam @ samguay.com

General Permissions for Social Media & Blog sharing:

  • Credit my work as © Sam Guay, and tag me when possible

  • Provide a link to my website samguay.com

  • Do not alter my work: No cropping images, removing signatures, adding filters, etc.

  • Do not post my work on photo sharing sites like Flickr or Photobucket

  • If you are unsure, I always appreciate an email that allows me to view and approve of how my artwork will be shown

Personal Use: If you want to use my work as a desktop or phone background for yourself that is fine.

Reference: If you want to reference my work for yourself that is fine. This includes using specific parts of my art or trying out elements of my approach or style, as this is another method of learning. However please provide a link back to the image you used as a reference and provide proper credit. If you are unsure you can send me an email at sam @ samguay.com

Can I get your work as a tattoo? Will you design IT for me?

I would highly recommend talking to a skilled tattoo artist about whether or not they can replicate my art on your skin. If they can, I’d be happy to see the results! I do not take commissions for tattoo designs and would recommend seeking a professional tattoo artist for your tattoo designs.